Garbage Guy

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It’s not easy being a superhero. Oh sure, there’s the fame, the applause, the prestige. But at the end of the day, all Garbage Guy really cares about is that someone took out the trash.

Garbage Guy showed an early aptitude for clutter control. It started with him taking out the kitchen trash – first by request, then just because he wanted to. Soon he was emptying every trash can in the house on a daily basis. It was just a matter of time before his almost mythical ability to restore order where chaos once reigned would elevate him to superhero status.

Now Garbage Guy helps dozens of worthy citizens fight the good fight against the invasive power of junk. Glamorous work? Not really. But for Garbage Guy, his customer’s relief after mastering their mess is all the glory he needs.

When Garbage Guy’s not slaying monster messes, he enjoys teaching kids to stay squeaky-clean. Kids, if you want to be a superhero at home, Garbage Guy says try cleaning your room and taking out the trash – you’ll be amazed at the response!

Hero at a glance

Name: Garbage Guy
Education: Advanced studies in Garbology, Ecology and Junk Removalology
Superhero Skills:
  • Unusual stamina and endurance for long days and heavy jobs
  • Using his unique gifts of supernatural strength and environmental intelligence, Garbage Guy can single-handedly remove humongous items like refrigerators, sofas, large furniture and appliances
Biggest mess to date: 21 full loads
Heaviest job: 93,000 pounds… from one residence!