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Is your swing set getting old?

One of the jobs we did this week was to remove an old, rickety swing set and play house.  Swing set removal can be tricky… It looked like it had been well-loved over the years, but it was now ready to retire.   I can imagine that when the play house and swing set combo first arrived, it was greeted with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm as the pieces were laid out, parts assembled, and the structure took shape.   However, over time, sunshine, use, and mother nature took … Continue reading

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Arizona Dumpster Rental – reserve our dump trailer today in Queen Creek

Arizona Dumpster Rental Alternative Try our 3-day-dump-trailer special There are a lot of ways to get rid of trash.  Arizona Dumpster Rental is one way.   Full service companies such as ours is another if you don’t want to do all of the lifting and loading yourself.   We offer another option for those looking for a dumpster in Queen Creek, AZ Gilbert, AZ Mesa, AZ and San Tan Valley, AZ. We drop off our huge trailer…  you get 3 days or a weekend to clean up and fill it. … Continue reading

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Will you pick up my appliance for free?

The short answer is, ‘no, we can do it for $125.’ However, there is a lot more to it than that. Not long ago, there were a number of companies advertising free appliance removal. Those ‘scrappers’ would collect, disassemble, and salvage, recycle, or sell the parts to make money. Most of them are no longer doing that. Why? The price of scrap metal has dropped over 90%. At less than a penny per pound, it does not even cover the cost of fuel to pick up and deliver an appliance … Continue reading

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Moving Day Madness? We help with Moving Day Trash Removal

We help a lot of people de-clutter who are planning to move. We help a lot of people get rid of moving junk who are in the middle of moving. We help a lot of people get rid of moving boxes and packing material after they move. They usually have one thing in common – STRESS. Moving creates a lot of headaches. There are a lot of moving parts and a lot of things to plan for and schedule. Moving also reveals how much junk we have been storing that … Continue reading

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Garbage Guy Contest

It’s Contest Time!! Set aside your worries and send us a picture of your biggest mess… It could be the garage that you can’t quite park the car in, the messy storage shed in the back yard, or that spare bedroom that keeps accumulating ‘stuff’ but never lets go of any of it. Maybe you have a convenient spot behind the side gate that collects stuff intended for bulk trash or that eventual trip to the dump… Wherever you have it, now is the time to tackle it! Post your … Continue reading

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Do you have a closet full of old paint?

Whether you just moved in, or have lived in your home for years, many of us have a closet, cupboard, or shelf full of old paint. Unless it has been stored in a temperature controlled area, that paint is likely no longer good.    Do you know how to get rid of it? Paints and other liquids should not be disposed of in regular household trash.   Once dry, however, latex paints can safely be disposed of.   If you have paint to get rid of, try the following: Open … Continue reading

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100 Degrees is right around the corner….

Spring has been kind to us.  It warmed up a few times, but has cooled down again nicely.  It looks like that is about to change.  The forecast calls for 100, 102, and 104 degrees over the next 5 days. If you think it’s time to clean out the garage and park inside for the summer – call Garbage Guy.   Garage Clean-outs are our specialty!  Use our garage cleaning services and save yourself a ‘hot-seat’ in the car this summer.

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Video example of some of our Mesa Junk Removal and Clean-up work

Garbage Guy Junk Removal and Clean-up before and after examples and the Same video on YouTube

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Celebrity Athlete Week

For someone who doesn’t follow sports very closely, I have met a lot of athletes and sports figures this week. I did work for Cardinals power player Patrick Peterson, a pick-up at the home of ASU football coach Todd Graham, and helped out Bob Brenly, sports commentator and former Major League Baseball player and coach who led the Diamondbacks to the World Series in 2001. These guys all excel at what they do and inspire me to do the same.

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Tumbleweed Christmas Tree in Chandler, AZ

I would like to learn the history of this annual appearance in Chandler, Arizona – the tumbleweed Christmas Tree!   It is HUGE!  

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