Garbage Guy

Arizona’s Leading Appliance Removal and Disposal Service

Garbage Guy is Arizona’s answer to appliance removal and disposal. Moving large appliances is a tough job with potential medical problems if not done correctly. Our trained movers will bring equipment to get the appliance out of your home or office. We frequently will remove refrigerators and stoves, washers and dryers, furnaces and hot water heaters. If you have something in your home you categorize as junk or broken, we will remove it and dispose of it correctly.

Safety is our goal. Not only do we want to remove your item carefully, but we want to dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly way. Some of these items contain ozone-depleting CFC’s if not handled correctly. Proper removal and disposal is important to safeguard from injuries as well as keep our environment protected as well. Let’s not forget the safety issue old refrigerators and freezers can impose on children or small animals. Call Garbage Guy today and schedule an appointment to have your appliances removed right away.

Recycling and reusing are important for appliances which still have life in them. If the item is still in working condition, we will contact a local charity and deliver the donation to their doorstep. Giving back to the community is a great way to keep our landfills clear of items someone still has a use for.

Call for appliance removal and disposal today!

Save your back and your paycheck. Let Garbage Guy be your ticket to a safe and cost effective way of getting the job done. Give us a call at 1-480-241-0110, to schedule your appointment today. It will be a big relief to get the appliances out of your way and know that it was done in a professional and environmentally friendly way.

Don’t let your old appliances take up room in your yard, garage, driveway or back room. You can have them quickly removed by placing a phone call to Garbage Guy. Unless you have grown attached to the old appliance, play it safe for your family and the environment by calling on Arizona’s leading appliance removal and disposal company. Call Garbage Guy now!